The Father's Group

Fathers need support to know their rights as fathers and the importance of remaining actively involved in their children's lives. Studies show that after divorce, children do best when they have liberal access to both parents. Redefining the family after divorce requires flexibility, patience, and a willingness to co-parent even though the partnership has taken on a new form.

The focus of the Father's Group includes supporting and educating fathers through the divorce process, as well as setting up life after divorce for themselves and their children. They will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns that they may have. These may include discussions about how best to communicate with their former spouses, how to help their children transition, how to set up appropriate time sharing schedules, and how to identify their children's developmental needs. We will also address topics such as how to set up their homes to best meet the social and academic needs of their children. We may include guest speakers such as attorneys, child specialists, and financial consultants. This group is run in both my Westchester and New York City offices.