Jeffrey Steiger’s role as a trainer began immediately after 9/11. At that time he was brought into numerous major financial institutions directly affected by the tragedy. As the direct result of his extensive training in Crisis Management and Intervention, he was asked to lead Psycho Educational Seminars and Training Sessions for corporations at that critical juncture.These trainings included “Stress Management” and “Conflict Resolution” for executives and other professionals.

Currently Mr. Steiger speaks throughout the country about Collaborative Divorce. He speaks extensively about the role of the Collaborative Divorce coach. Related to his work as a coach, he trains other collaborative professionals in areas such as: “How to Work Through Impasse in the Collaborative Process,” “How to Work with Difficult Couples,” and “How to Work with High Conflict Couples.”

2008 Trainings include:

  • Ninth Annual Networking and Educational Forum
    The Collaborative Community - Stepping Up and Reaching Out
    “From Polarization to Collaboration” – Working Effectively with High Conflict Couples, New Orleans, Louisiana October 15 – 19, 2008

  • WBASNY – Women’s Bar Association of New York Annual Conference 2008
    “What’s All the Buzz About? – Collaborative Divorce
    Cheseapeke, Maryland May 2008

  • "Working With Difficult Couples" Presented by Jeffrey Steiger, LCSW, and Micki McWade, LMSW. February 29, 2008. Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce Association, Sierra Suites Hotel , Poughkeepsie, New York.

  • "Working Collaboratively With Difficult Couples" Presented by Jeffrey Steiger, LCSW, and Micki McWade, LMSW. The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Presents: The Collaborative Mosaic: The 8th Annual Networking and Educational Forum in Toronto , Ontario. October 25-28. 2007.